21 Best Android Simulation Games to Play in 2022

21 Best Android Simulation Games to Play in 2022

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly since its inception. In fact, the number of mobile games has increased exponentially over the years. This growth has led to the creation of new genres such as simulation games. These games are designed to simulate real-life scenarios. They are usually based on a specific theme. For example, you can play a game called “The Sims” which simulates living in a house with several members.

In this article, we will discuss the top 21 best android simulation games to play in 2022.

10 Best Simulation Games to Play in 2022

1. Animal Simulator

Animal Simulator is an epic simulation game developed by Iron Horse Games LLC.

Animals are very important in Animal simulators. There are lots of different kinds of animals to play with, and there are many different ways to interact with them.

There are many different types of animals to choose from. Some animals are friendly, while others are aggressive. Some animals are cute, while others are scary.

Some animals are fast, while others are slow. Some animals are small, while others are big. Some animals are furry, while others are scaly.

If you don’t know what kind of animal to pick, then you should probably go with one of the ones that are friendly. That’s what I did.

2. War Simulator

War simulator is a very popular war simulation game. It starts off with basic weapons and then moves on to more advanced ones as the game progresses. It also includes different eras, such as ancient, medieval, and modern. Each era has different types of weapons available.

3. Mega Noob Simulator

Mega Noob Simulator is a fun game to kill “Bacons”. You’ll need to buy upgrade items such as strength upgrades or weapons that help you out. As you progress, you’ll be able to get stronger and better equipped. Be careful though because some of the bosses are very tough!

4. Laundry Simulator

This game has a lot of features. It’s a simulation game where you wash clothes and earn money. You collect items and use them to make your life easier. There are many different types of clothing in the game. Some are easy to clean while others are difficult. Players can choose how much water they want to use and what kind of soap they want to use and whether or not they want to dry the clothes after washing them. You can collect items throughout the game. These include soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.

5. Unboxing Simulator

People love opening up new things, so this game lets you do just that. It’s a great gift idea for any occasion. This game is perfect for people who love unboxing videos or people who just love smashing boxes.

6. Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense Simulator is one of Roblox’s most popular games. You build towers and hold off hordes. Zombies come in waves, but you’re rewarded for your efforts. You can raise the difficulty level to make things harder.

7. Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator is an online simulator game that lets players play as a bee. Players can collect pollen, unlock new bees, and buy items. There are many ways to earn money in this game such as selling flowers or buying items.

8. 3 Pilot Training Simulator

3 Pilot Training Flight Simulator is an old simulator game. There are over 75 different types of planes in the game. You can fly them around the world.

You can fly some of the biggest airplanes, like huge commercial jets, all the way down to smaller planes. Practice flying, landing, and pulling off some cool stunts in the sky.

9. PowerWash Simulator

Water and muck are great for cleaning things. Lawn chairs, vans, and helicopter seats get cleaned by spraying them with water and then scrubbing them down with a brush. Soap cleans dirt and grime off surfaces.

10. Farming Simulator 18

Farm Simulator 18 is an excellent farming simulator game. You can play as a farmer or a business owner. The game offers a wide variety of tools and machinery to use. There are many different types of crops to grow. You can also customize your farm. In addition, there are many different ways to earn money. You can sell your produce at markets or online. You can even rent out land to other farmers.

Farming Simulator 18 is a relaxing game about growing crops. There is no real challenge or excitement involved in this game. You can play this game without getting stressed out.

11. Railway Empire

You’re the proud owner of an impressive railway company. Your goal is to expand your business by building railways. You must plan your routes carefully because if you go bankrupt, you’ll lose everything. You can customize your train cars and hire your own employees.

12. Cities Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a great game. It lets you build cities from scratch or import them from other games. You can play as many times as you want without having to pay again. You can make money by selling goods and services. You can buy land and buildings. You can even hire people. There are lots of different ways to earn money. I love this game!

Cities: Skylines is a great game for PC. You can play it using your keyboard or mouse. The graphics are beautiful.

13. Sneak Thief Simulator: Robbery

Thief Simulator is an open-world crime simulation game where players take control of a thief who must steal as much money as possible while evading police capture. Players can choose to play as either male or female thieves.

14. PC Creator: Building Simulator

A building simulator game that takes its title seriously. You can choose between two modes: Career Mode, where you upgrade, repair, and virus-zap according to the needs of clients, or Build Your Own Dream Machine in Free Build Mode.

15. Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge is an amazing puzzle game that lets you play as a carpenter who builds bridges. You must move vehicles across them using different types of suspension systems. Each level requires a specific type of suspension system. There are many achievements to be unlocked and a lot of fun to be had!

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16. Airline Commander: Flight Game

It is one of those simulation games, where you are sitting in the seat of an air traffic controller, and taking the job requiring high accountability! Manage tens of flights in your screen, and give each of the room for a safe landing, and flight while they all try to find a place to land safely. One mistake, and then you lose your job.

Helicopter, plane, and jet aircraft are managed by using your fingers. You must use your fingers to control these aircraft safely. You get achievement rewards after you finish each level.

17. Driving Zone: Germany

Driving Zone is cars simulation games developed byAveCreation.. You can customize your car by adding lights, wheels, spoilers, etc. You can also choose different types of races such as drag races, hill climbs, sprints, drifting, etc.


  • Rash driving in a real-life environment
  • Ability to modify vehicles both externally and internally
  • Show your modified vehicle using photo mode to the entire world
  • Use a tuning system to adjust technical components
  • Level up the game difficulty by adding more traffic density

18. Paradise City: Building Sim Game

Paradise Island! Build your dream vacation spot by creating the perfect tropical island. You can start with a simple village and then create more complex structures such as hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to add more features like waterfalls, mountains, lakes, beaches, etc.


  • Free city builder game
  • Play as an island resort owner and manage your hotel
  • Build hotels, houses, restaurants, shops and more!
  • Enjoy relaxing gameplay and beautiful graphics
  • Play alone or invite friends to play together
  • Online multiplayer mode is available

19. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight Pilot Simulator is an addictive game that lets you fly planes in different environments. It’s a great simulation game that lets you experience flying in the sky. There is also Mod version of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D available. Flight Pilot Simulator Mod Apk is much similar to clash of zombie cheat apk where you get unlimited coins and many other features unlocked.


  • Supports 3D graphics
  • Cool animations
  • Real-life airplanes to choose from
  • Fun challenges
  • Explore huge open maps in free flight mode
  • Easy to use mobile controls
  • Free of cost

20. Farming Simulator 20

A farming simulator 18 is latest edition in series of Farming Simulator. It is a great game to play if you want to learn about farming. There are many types of crops to plant and harvest. You can buy new equipment or upgrade old ones. You can trade crops with other players.

This game is about farming. You need to harvest different types of crops in order to make money. There are also other things you can do such as selling your products or even buying new equipment. 

21. Game Dev Tycoon

This game is a great simulation game. You need to be creative and innovative to succeed in this game. There are many different types of businesses to choose from.


  • Allows you to show off your creative side by designing and creating games
  • You’ll get insight into the latest trends in gaming technology
  • Level up your skills as a game developer
  • Create a world-class game development team
  • Unlock secret labs and achievements.
  • Be a market leader and gain fans around the globe


What are Simulation Games?

A simulation game is a video game where players take control of characters or vehicles and attempt to complete missions. These games usually involve driving, flying, shooting, or fighting. Some examples of this type of game are Flight Pilot Simulator, Paradise City Building and Game Dev Tycoon.

Why Simulation Games are so Popular

Simulation games are very popular because they allow players to play a role in a real life situation. They give them the chance to feel like they are actually there. This helps people who suffer from anxiety or phobia. They also provide a safe environment where people can learn new skills without fear of failure.

Which site is the best for downloading free Android games

Google Play Store is the best place to download free Android games. You can find thousands of apps there.

Do these games are available on the Play Store?

No, not all simulation games are available through Google Play. Some games require additional software or hardware to play. You can find the full list of supported devices on each game developer’s website.

Do all simulation games are free to download and Install?

Yes, not at all but most of the simulation games are free. You do not need to pay anything to play them. However, there may be some additional content or features that require payment. Some games offer additional levels or characters for purchase. Others allow players to use premium currency to buy extra items.

Is it Safe to Play Simulation Games online?

Yes, playing games online is safe. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed or being cheated. However, there are still risks involved. Make sure that you do your research before you play online games. If you’re not careful, you could lose money.


Well, that’s it for our list of the best Simulation Games to Play in 2022. We’ve included some other great Simulation games as well, but we kept the number in the list until 10. In case you want to add any more Simulation games, please do so in the comments section below. We also have picked up the 10 best action games list for you, if you are interested in the best action games then you should check out that blog post.

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