11 Tools to Streamline Your SEO Reporting ( Paid and Free included)

11 Tools to Streamline Your SEO Reporting ( Paid and Free included)

You know that the key to success as a freelancer, blogger or agency is reporting. You have to report on your SEO efforts, social media campaigns, and more. Reporting takes up a lot of time and can be tedious work. Why not make it easier with 11 Best SEO Reporting Tools? These 11 tools will help you track everything from keywords you’re ranking for to backlinks on other sites which point to your site!

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  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful SEO reporting tool that can help you gain new insights into your company’s marketing. SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO data analysis and reporting solution that covers all aspects of SEO, site auditing, and evaluation reporting. SEMrush is a fantastic tool for those looking to stay ahead of the competition in terms of SEO, business, and social media campaigns. Another fantastic feature of SEMrush is the simplicity with which it can be integrated with Google Search Console and disavow files can be created with it. SEMrush will show you which likes are harmful and enable you to choose “disavow.” It’s simple and quick.

However SEMrush is a paid tool but comes with 7 day free trail. 

  2. Google Data Studio

The Google Data Studio was created by Google to provide SEO reporting across the world. While some people despise it because it is complicated to navigate. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to create visually appealing informative reports, even making an inexperienced SEO seem like an expert. Google Data Studio allows you to extract data from over 500 different sources and integrate it with other Google tools such as Google Analytics or Search Console. You can also use the tool to create scheduled reports or download reports for later distribution.

It’s also one of the most popular SEO reporting platforms on the internet, making it simple to locate pre-made reports that you can use to make your life easier when creating them.

Google Data Studio is the first tool of its kind, offering a full-featured analytics suite for free. It’s also ideal for small, medium-sized businesses and freelancers since it’s completely free. You can also distribute reports digitally just as you would with Google Drive by providing links to them to clients or team members

   3. MOZ

Moz is an SEO reporting tool that allows you to track the visibility, traffic, and ranking of your website. With Moz Pro, you can access basic SEO data as well as more complex features such as site audits, backlink analysis, rank monitoring, and keyword research. It will also modify it to appear very unique for your customer, incorporating your organization’s logo and branding. Moz is ideal for an organization that focuses on inbound marketing services, uses Moz, and wants personalized automated reports. However because of so many bundles and subscriptions it is costly.


   4. Ahref

Ahrefs is one of the most useful SEO reporting solutions available. You can do a deep dive into keyword research as well as Ahrefs’ backlink exploration tool, which displays links to your site from other websites. You can also compare your backlinks to those of your rivals using this leading SEO monitoring software.

Ahrefs also provides insights into sites’ domain rating and URL rating. While these ratings aren’t used by Google directly, they provide insight into how much Google trusts your website. They are represented as integers from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest quality. It is also paid tool but it allow you to use Keyword research, difficulty and many others tools free of cost. 

   5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a completely free SEO reporting software for Bloggers. It examines your website’s organic traffic and finds areas that can be improved. This free tool is essential for analyzing your traffic and audience, as well as improving your blog.

   6. SE Ranking

The SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO solution that works as an SEO reporting tool. It can be good for companies of all sizes and comes with a highly configurable report generation tool that allows you to produce professional reports in just a few clicks. The tool allows you to add your company’s logos and branding to the headers and footers of each page, as well as add notes to any of the modules.

You can generate and send reports on a regular basis to yourself or customers by email, or you can manually download and distribute them.

In addition, you can utilize all of SEO’s services, such as a ranking tracker, website audit, and backlink analysis. SE Ranking is also a paid tool but offers 14 days free trails without need of credit card.

   7. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a tool that allows you to generate SEO and marketing reports. Raven Tools is popular among marketers and white label SEO firms because it allows you to customize the reports with your own or your client’s branding.

The SEO Analyzer from Raven Tools can help you create comprehensive SEO reports by utilizing data pulled from backlink profiles, Google Analytics, and Search Console. You can even import your own data sets and metrics from Google spreadsheets. You can also integrate data from social media and advertising programs if you’re handling more than just SEO for your own business or client.

After you’ve generated the reports, you can schedule regular ones or customize it as a one-time report and finish things off with a cover page and table of contents.

Raven tools is also a paid tool and comes with different plans however, you can use Raven Classic 7 days for free of cost.

   8. Google Search Console

As we said before, Google Analytics is mostly used to see how many people visit your site and how they got there. Google Search Console, on the other side help you check your Website structure and performance.

Google Search Console displays the terms your site is ranked for and how much traffic it receives. It also finds flaws such as incorrect tags, broken links, and misspelled meta-descriptions, as well as assisting you in increasing your visibility and ranks in search engine results.

The Good thing about Google search console is that it’s completely free of cost.

  9. SEO PowerSuite

PowerSuite is a software package that combines rank tracking, link administration, backlink analysis, and website auditing tools to create a useful SEO reporting solution.

SEO PowerSuite is a software package rather than a SAAS tool, unlike the majority of the tools on this list. This means you’ll have to pay for a license once yearly but will be able to use the package and all of its features indefinitely.

SEO PowerSuite’s capabilities are excellent for large enterprises that need to produce standard reports for numerous websites and projects. 


  10. Databox

The Databox include nearly 70 1-click integrations with popular SEO tools like Moz, SEMrush, Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and others.

Databox is perfect for technology companies since it enables you to generate white-labeled databoxes, which are essentially branded dashboards with reports that can be shown on your own web app on a custom domain rather than sending emails or paper reports. There is also a library of over 200 pre-designed report design templates for you to use.

Databox claims to make it easier to comprehend SEO data by putting all of your information on a simple dashboard. 

10. Mangools

Mangools isn’t a typical SEO reporting software. But it’s a really easy-to-use tool that can make sharing certain metrics with your team more efficient. Mangools offers an extensive range of SEO tools, including keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, rank monitoring, and SEO metrics and insights.

The ‘Mangools’ rank tracker can also send you daily updates of where your pages are positioned in the Search engine result pages. You’ll even receive email notifications whenever any important rankings changes occur to any of your sites, allowing you to remain on top of things and ensure that all of your sites get the respect they deserve.

You can share this ranking information with your clients or staff by using the Rank Tracker dashboard to provide an interactive report link that will show them how the pages are performing on a daily basis.

Mangools is also another paid tool but offer 10 days free trail without requirement of credit card.


“I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘All of these solutions seem fantastic, so how do I know which one is best for my business or blog?’ 

Then the answer It is all up to you because you have to choose a right tool that will provide you with the data and insights you need to succeed while spending money low as you can.

I recommend you ask these below questions to yourself and you’ll get the answer.

  • Do you need an all-in-one SEO solution or looking for specific research too?
  • What type of reports do you want to create and also on a regular basis one time or after a week or month.
  • Do you want to create reports utilizing data from the tools you already have?
  • Do you need to be able to quickly provide up-to-date ranking information?
  • And most importantly what’s your budget and how you want to pay yearly weekly or monthly.

Keep in mind that all the paid tools offers free trails so you can give a try to all and then decide which suits you best.


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