10 Best SERP Keyword rank tracker Tools to Know About

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Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are the screens you see when using a search engine.  When you type in something and perform a Google search, for example, the page shown to you is called SERP. SERPs are used as part of SEO strategy, they can be tracked with various SERP checker tools. We have compiled a review of the top 10 best  SERP  keyword rank tracker tools to help you in your search for finding the best tool.

But first, let’s start with

What is a SERP Checker or SERP keyword Rank Tracker?

A SERP checker is a tool used to help track the position of your website in search engine result pages (SERPs).  The position of your website can affect how much traffic you receive from search engines, so it’s important to track it regularly.

There are many different SERP checker tools available, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some of the factors you may want to consider when choosing a SERP checker include:

  • The type of tracking it offers (position, rank, or both)
  • How often does it update its data
  • The range of search engines it covers
  • The number of keywords it tracks
  • If a free plan is offered
  • The payment options available

You can also opt for a paid subscription or a completely free service. Free services often have limits on the features they offer and the volume of search queries that can be performed.


SEMrush is not just another SEO tool, but it is an all-in-one software for your online marketing needs. It allows you to monitor and track your website’s or competitors’ rankings on SERP with keywords, ad campaigns, backlinks, and lots more. 

It includes a rank tracker that allows you to keep tabs on your website’s performance, along with some other cool features like backlink analysis for your site. 

SEMrush is known for its speed. Search using queries on Google, and you can see your website’s performance, along with other competitors in the same industry. 

Pros of SEMrush

  • It is good for performing on-page and off-page SEO audits.
  • Pretty accurate with Keyword volumes and content Suggestions
  • It is good for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign keyword research
  • Many years of keyword tracking information have been added to the Search Analytics database
  • User-friendly Ui (Easy to use)
  • Supports real-time auditing
  • Tracking of the daily SERP

Cons of SEMrush

  • You might find SEMrush costly. Adding more people to a team may be expensive, particularly if it’s a large agency.
  • The backlink data is limited, and it omits a significant number of backlinks.
  • Errors in the audit reports may be perplexing.
  • It can be difficult to maintain track of many keywords across numerous clients.

SE Ranking

The SE Ranking is an SEO software for businesses that aim to assist marketers in improving a website or blog’s ranking position on search engine results pages by aiding them in the difficult job of optimizing it.

The SE ranking has a feature that measures your Google search engine results page (SERP) ranks for keywords.

To keep track of keywords from a certain website, simply put the URL address of the site together with its country code. Entering your competitors’ domain names into the tool’s search box allows you to see where they rank.

With over 300,000 users and a service area of more than 12,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, it’s clear that SE ranking has already established its own repetition. Furthermore, the tool has been utilized by over 4,000 marketing agencies to create client plans.

It offers over 30+ features, including keyword research, SERP rank tracking tool, backlinking analysis, and more.

Pros of SE Ranking 

  • Keyword rank tracking data is up-to-date which is good.
  • It is a Healthy tool for competitor analysis such as competitor organic and paid traffic analysis
  • You can also create branded comprehensive SEO reports for clients and potential customers with their white-label reporting.
  • For marketing firms and freelancers, the Lead generation widget is a powerful instrument.
  • If you reach your monthly plan limits, you can buy extra capacity for the month instead of upgrading to the next monthly plan.

Cons of SE Ranking

  • If you specialize in tiny, local Businesses and want to utilize SE Ranking’s extensive database, you may find that specific geographic data is lacking.
  • If you have a large number of projects to keep track of, the keyword ranking restrictions for each plan are insufficient which make it a bit costly


Another excellent SERP tool is Ahrefs. It’s a comprehensive SEO solution for your online corporation. It includes all the information you’ll ever need about your website or competitor websites’ rankings, including everything from page authority to domain authority and beyond. Marketers may access real-time data thanks to the SERP analyst, which is updated in real-time. The Ahrefs tool also shows you where your site’s backlinks are coming from; how many keywords that page is ranking for; which pages of your competitor websites are getting the most organic traffic; and more.

The best part about using this SEO tool is that it allows users to take advantage of its “Ahrefs Rank” score. This shows your domain’s popularity when compared to other websites in Ahrefs’ database, placing it on a scale from 0-100.

Pros of Ahrefs 

  • It’s ideal for use by multiple people with many accounts.
  • The SERP tracker from Ahrefs is used to display up-to-date keyword ranking information for tracked search terms.
  • A comprehensive backlink database is available through Ahrefs.
  • Keyword tracking with Ahrefs allows you to see where keyword mentions are coming from quickly and comprehensively.
  • Offer a large pay-per-click text ad database.
  • You’ll be able to see where your site ranks against other websites based on backlink quality
  • Allow you to conduct a comprehensive SERP analysis, including SERP characteristics.

Cons of Ahrefs

  • Some users complained that Ahrefs’ local rank tracker is rudimentary
  • Some users find it a bit costly
  • The UI is difficult to understand for new users.
  • Their free trial has charges

However, Ahref offers a lot of tools to try free of cost without registrations including Ahrefs SERP checker but with limited data.


Another SERP tracking tool is Moz, which offers SEO tools for link building and rank tracking. This online marketing solution provides webmasters with an arsenal of up-to-date data to improve their site’s standing against competitors. With Moz, you’ll be able to check your competitor’s domain authority using the “Open Site Explorer” tool. You can compare your site’s keywords against the sites you’re trying to beat, thus creating a list of tasks for success.

Moz also offers an “On-Page Grader,” which analyzes your website’s meta tags and other factors that determine how search engines rank it. This helps marketers improve their pages while at the same time learning how to increase their site’s visibility.

The Moz SERP auditor is an effective tool that helps users monitor their rankings on the search engine results page, displaying keyword ranking information at a glance. This allows marketers to see if they’re about to lose out on any valuable traffic from organic listings on Google and other search engines. They can easily keep track of their SEO strategy while simultaneously keeping an eye out for any changes in the SERP.

Pros of MOZ

  • MOZ searches for relevant keywords and provides you with an indication of how likely you are to rank with them.
  • It aids in the discovery of content that requires improvement to rank higher.
  • It aids in the correction of any technical difficulties with your websites.
  • It helps you audit your current site for any technical issues.
  • It’s a simple and straightforward tool for monitoring your most essential keywords and Competitors in SERP

Cons of MOZ

  • They could use a more user-friendly approach to navigation right interface is a little bit tough to use.
  • The formatting and layout of the material could have been better.
  • A mobile rank checker isn’t available.

SERP Watcher

The SERP Watcher is a convenient tool used to monitor keywords and their rankings. This allows you to create content that’s catered towards the needs of your users, optimizing it for higher SERP rankings. By using this SEO tool, marketers can view any fluctuations in their website’s ranking position and make adjustments as needed.

It provides metrics on how rank has changed over time, allowing you to understand how keyword ranks are affected by seasonal activity. You can monitor keywords in any geographical location or across multiple countries and track the changes in your website’s SERPs.

SERP Watcher Pros

  • This program doesn’t include any bugs, and your activities will be properly recorded in the system.
  • The tool’s support services are helpful and quick to respond.
  • As opposed to the alternative technologies, it is cost-effective.
  • An effective method of tracking rankings. It will not leave you hanging.
  • User-Friendly interface

SERP Watcher Cons

  • No featured snippets are present 
  • This tool does not show Google search engine result pages.
  • It provides no additional auditing capabilities and just tracks rankings.
  • No Free trails


Wincher is the world’s most straightforward SEO tool, and its web platform’s simplicity and eye-catching user interface are comforting. It’s a simple rank checker that is easy to use and has functions that can help you as an SEO, marketer, or entrepreneur. It’s got a user-friendly dashboard with SERP movement data, detailed keyword analyses, and a strategy for classifying keywords for improved SEO management.

 Wincher Pros

  • Unlimited website tracking is included.
  • Offer White label reporting on the Business plan and above

Wincher Cons

  • Poorly designed interfaces or complicated navigation might cause software to be rejected.
  • Some users reported that the price is high compared to features.
  • It tracks only google ranking


Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite

Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite is a step beyond any other rank tracking tool, offering more features for the price you pay. It brings results with long tails and has more filters to choose from on its search function. You can easily discover keywords through their “Explore” feature, gaining access to up to 200 relevant keyword suggestions.

This SEO tool is helpful in knowing your site’s internal ranking metrics, but what makes it stand out from the rest is that you can compare your data against multiple competitors.

The software uses a range of different search engines to track keywords. SEO Powersuite provides market intelligence and analytics for an all-inclusive experience in SEO management. It also gives keyword rankings, position tracking, SERP history, and lets you compare domain metrics with competitors, all at the click of a button.

Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite Pros

  • It has an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.
  • The software shows Google search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • It makes use of various search engines to track keywords.
  • Unlimited reports for websites are included in the package.
  • Competitor analysis is available.
  • It lets you see your website’s internal ranking metrics.
  • Comparing domains against multiple competitors can be done easily.

Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite Cons

  • Keyword volume data isn’t reliable.
  • When performing web audits of large websites on a weak computer, it is a little sluggish.


Sitechecker is a modern rank tracking tool with a sleek, user-friendly design. This tool offers a lot, and the price is relatively affordable. It features a great amount of information about your site’s performance on search engine results pages.

You can monitor keywords across multiple devices and receive specific geolocation data. With this tool, you can manage your web presence using a single platform for better SEO results. It includes a free trial as well as a scorecard that provides you with an advanced website analysis.

SiteChecker Pros

  • One of the best features is its simplicity.
  • Changes to Your Site Are Automatically Notified To You
  • The system can keep track of keywords and backlinks, as well as site health.
  • Give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your website better.

SiteChecker Cons

  • Because of the large quantities of information supplied, it might be overwhelming
  • Small organization owners might find out it a bit expensive
  • The quantity of sites allowed on an account is very limited.


 We have compiled a review of the top 11 SERP tracking tools available on the market today that should help you find your ideal tool for ranking monitoring purposes. Of course, there are many other options out there but these ones were chosen based on their ease-of-use, features offered at different price points, and overall usability.

So if it seems like a time-consuming research project or high-priced monthly memberships might not work for your business needs then one of the tools on this list is sure to suit you. 

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