What is Cross-Functional Collaboration and It’s importance?

Cross Functional Collaboration

While the idea of collaboration between team members is not a new one, it can be challenging to achieve. Many complexities and challenges must be overcome for an organization to produce quality work from different departments. Some people may feel that they don’t have enough time or resources to devote …

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What is Co-Creation in Marketing and Why is Important?

Co Creation in marketing

The past decade has seen a significant change in the way marketing is done. The old model of advertising products by interrupting people with TV commercials or newspaper ads has been replaced by the co-creation of value. This new form of marketing involves giving consumers something they want and then …

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What is Incremental Growth and Why it’s important?

Incremental Growth

Before starting an incremental growth project, you should conduct research to determine which features will provide the most value for your users. Your decisions about what to add and how frequently to release these updates are guided by user feedback. By adding only the features that your users want, your …

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Semiotics in Advertising: How Semiotics Reshapes Advertising

SEMIOTICS In Advertising

What is Semiotics? The study of signs and symbols is called semiotics. More specifically, we can define it as the science of signs and symbols in communication. It was termed by American linguist and philosopher Charles Peirce (1839–1914) to mean “the doctrine of signs” or, more generally, “semantics.” There are …

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How to craft the perfect RFP Response

RFP Response

Running a successful RFP process can be tricky. It’s not just about following the correct steps, it is also about making sure you are getting the right data to respond with. This blog post will cover everything from what an RFP response should look like, to how to differentiate your …

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What is the marketing research process? Ultimate Guide

What is Marketing Research Process

Marketing research is an investment that can help your company achieve its goals. A well-conducted marketing research process will provide you with the insights you need to develop products and services that meet your customers’ needs and expectations, as well as track customer satisfaction levels. The process may also lead …

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What are Engagement models: Types, Pros and Cons

Engagement model

Engagement models are one of the best ways to improve customer service. These days, customers expect companies to go above and beyond in order to earn their business. As a result, many businesses have turned to engagement models to improve their customer service. In this blog post, we will take …

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