How to target business owners on Facebook?

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Facebook is a huge social media platform. The site has more than 2.91 billion monthly active users and over 90 million small business accounts. To advertise your company via social media, you must understand how to reach the appropriate individuals. Targeting company owners on Facebook is one of the easiest methods to achieve desired results. This post will explain how to target business owners on Facebook.

Let’s get started

Why Facebook for advertisements?

  • Facebook is an important marketing tool for business owners. Because it boasts great engagement rates with 3-4x more interactions than other social media platforms.
  • best way to reach small business owners
  • Facebook allows you to create one ad campaign for multiple audiences, so it is great when targeting many different types of business owners at once or during the same period.
  • Facebook ads for entrepreneurs are easy to set up just by creating a free account that will allow you to test out how well your product works and how effective your ad campaign is.
  • You can use Facebook’s free tools to see how much your ad reached, how long it ran, and how many interactions you received from the ads. You will also be able to learn how well your product performed via conversion tracking. By analyzing this data regularly, businesses are better equipped to make changes for future campaigns.

Facebook targeting strategies

Businesses owners love Facebook advertisements because Facebook target marketing allows businesses to target Facebook ads to specific users. Most businesses create Facebook ad strategies based on their target audience. 

Here below are the few popular strategies businesses use to target audiences on Facebook.

Target people in your desired geographic area

Facebook allows you to target users by location, age, and gender. Targeting business owners based on their geographic area is a great strategy to choose because it allows you to reach people closer to your physical location which increases the chances of them checking out what your company has in store for them.

For example, if we want our ad campaign only to target New York; Facebook’s algorithm will take care of this for us.

Advertisement by Age 

The second option is Advertisement targeting by age. Targeting people within the same age group as your ideal customer will improve your chances of reaching customers who can be interested in your products or services, so it’s important to narrow down the audience you want to reach based on these factors if they are applicable to your business.

Targeting people with a narrow age range will be more efficient than targeting everyone within that demographic, as it allows you to reach potential customers who are actually most likely going to engage with your ads and purchase the product.

Gender Targeting

The last option, which is enabling Gender targeting, allows you to target males or females depending on what goods they’re interested in purchasing. Targeting people with a narrow age and gender range will be more efficient than targeting everyone within that demographic because it allows you to reach potential customers who are actually most likely going to engage with your ads and purchase the product.

Target Businesses with Job Titles

Within your Niche, what titles and industries do you want to target? Once you know that, create an advertising campaign targeting those Job Titles. 

Facebook provides useful information to narrow down the search into specific job titles such as Location, Workplace, Makeup Interests, Education, and Job Titles.

When you’re creating your Facebook ad campaign always start with a very specific audience in mind. Narrowing down your audience by Job Titles will provide a targeted Facebook ad campaign that is more likely to be successful because you are reaching people who have been suggested as potential customers based on their job titles. 

As part of an account-based marketing strategy, you might develop distinct Facebook advertising for various job functions inside the same firm.

Targeting a very specific job title makes your advertisement more personalized and relevant to that particular audience. As a result, this will increase your chances of getting them to interact with

Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature

Facebook offers a feature called “Lookalike Audiences”. Targeting new potential customers with similar interests as existing ones is one of the most important marketing strategies. Facebook’s algorithm will find users that are similar to your existing customers or individuals who have previously engaged with your ads.

Targeting these individuals allows you to increase the reach of an ad campaign because it exposes them to products they may not have seen before, but are still interested in.

Another advantage of this feature is that you can see the results of your ad campaign more quickly because Facebook will use its default settings to create a Lookalike Audience and deliver ads based on these new potential customers.

Target small business owners

Facebook offers you to target small business owners or Facebook page administrators when creating advertisements. Targeting business page owners is a smart move since it allows you to reach small business owners who have expressed an interest in your sector. This targeting option also has the benefit of being more precise than general audience targeting since companies will receive advertisements that are directly relevant to them and their consumers.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the possibilities are endless. Businesses can reach out to their ideal consumers quickly and effectively by employing all of these targeting capabilities.

Create  Ads Based on Technology Usage

If you run a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) startup then you should consider this targeting option because it will allow you to target only the people who use specific types of technology.

This approach is great for building your audience and raising awareness of your product or service since it’s likely that these individuals already know what a SaaS business does and this further encourages them to engage with ads and learn more about what you do. Technology usage ads are a great option if you want to reach certain professionals in your niche, such as software developers.

Payment based Facebook audience targeting

When it comes to Facebook advertisement this category is one of my most favorite Facebook business categories. Because it allows you to target not only people who spent money on Facebook within the past three months but also people who spent a considerable amount of money.

If you have a product that’s niche-specific. This is an incredibly efficient approach since it allows you to reach business owners on Facebook, key decision-makers, or B2Bs in control of company budgets.

Target Business owner by Including target Keyword

Facebook also allows you to advertise to business owners by including the specific keyword so you can target people who are interested in your business niche.

For example, if your target keyword is “marketing” you can include Target business owners by including the target keyword in your ads campaign. 

Some Other Facebook advertisement option

You can also reach your target audience by Post advertisement such as 

  • Sponsored Story: This can be used to promote your product or service and reach people in their newsfeeds who have liked your page, engaged with your content, or visited your website.
  • Sponsored Post: Target people and businesses who have liked specific pages, joined groups related to the topic of your post, Liked a page you’ve chosen, or added interest on their Timelines. 
  • Boosted Post: Targeting people who have visited your website and shown interest in your business can be done quickly and effectively by boosting an existing post. Targeted audiences based on demographics such as age, interests, or location help you reach out to potential customers with the highest chance of engaging with ads.

Build a custom audience

Facebook allows you to build a custom audience based ads such as:

  • Build a custom audience by looking at the websites and apps they use on their mobile devices. 
  • Build a custom audience based on where they live, work, play, or what businesses they’ve been to recently using Facebook business data from Instagram and check-in deals! 
  • Build a custom audience based on their activities, interests, and demographics. 
  • Build a custom audience of your customers by uploading email addresses or mobile phone numbers you already have in your database. 
  • Build Custom Audience Targeting Options: – Lookalikes of an Existing Customer List to find new potential customers that are similar to your existing customers or individuals who have previously engaged with your ads. 

Monitor the performance of each ad by tweaking it based on its results Monitor

Monitoring and refining campaigns are important to ensure your ads are profitable within budget. However, this can be time-consuming if you don’t take advantage of Facebook’s optimization features. Monitor the performance of each ad by tweaking it based on its results such as

  • Make minor changes to the creative or audience for each ad to evaluate its performance. Keep an eye on how your advertising is performing by making small adjustments, such as by tracking.
  • Compare daily cost per result across different campaigns 
  • Monitor clickthrough rates (CTR) and estimated total cost per click (CPC) Monitor the performance of each ad by tweaking it based on its results 
  • Monitor conversions, frequency, and spending for all key metrics. 


The key to Facebook’s advisement success is its ability to target specific demographics. This can be done through the use of keywords, interests, location-based data, and more.

If you are looking for ways to boost your digital marketing strategy or enhance ROI with an account-based marketing approach on social media platforms like Facebook, these targeting options may help you get started thinking about how you can drive better results without wasting resources.

However, never forget that with so many advantages Facebook advertisement also has a few drawbacks that you should consider while creating an advertisement campaign.

There are also other Social media networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, Pinterest that can bring better results based on your target audience. Before running ads on any Social media network first figure out where your target audience is more active.

Which type of ads type has helped your company reach business owners in a cost-effective way? Let us know below in the comment section

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