Influencer Marketing Benefits That You Must Know

Influencer Marketing Benefits That You Must Know

Influencers are people who have a significant impact on the buying decisions of others. They can be celebrities, athletes, or company employees with large social media followings.

There is no actual limit to how many followers an influencer can have, but it is recommended that they would have a large number of followers in order to be effective.

Influencers can help increase traffic to your eCommerce website or blog, and they can also aid in building brand awareness for products and services.

In this blog, I’d like to discuss some of the things you must do in order to become an influencer, and I’ll also explain Why Influencer marketing is crucial for your Businesses.

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Who can be Influencers

Anyone with a decent amount of followers on any social media platform can be an influencer. Of course, there are a few qualifications that influencers must meet in order to be effective, but the majority of people with a social media presence fit the qualifications.

You’ll find professionals in different niches who have higher levels of influence than others. It’s good to keep in mind that your followers aren’t always directly correlated with how influential your content is.

As a firm, if influencer marketing is an important part of your eCommerce business’s strategy, then hiring a few people who fall into this category can be beneficial.

However, you must also consider that each influencer brings something different to the table. Therefore, even if you work with multiple social media influencers, it’s important that they all cater to different types of consumers in order to maximize your eCommerce sales.

This is where things can get complicated because you must also consider how many people each influencer will be able to bring onto your site.

For example, hiring a single YouTube influencer with a large audience can benefit your eCommerce business more than five Facebook influencers with smaller followings, but you must also account for the difficulty in reaching YouTube users.

In reality, it’s important to find an influencer who aligns well with your marketing goals and budget. You should create a list of potential influencers based on your niche and then start having conversations with them.

You can always ask if they have worked with people in your niche before so you’ll know how successful previous campaigns were for that influencer’s clients.

The process of finding the right influencers for your eCommerce business is dependent on many different variables, but it’s still achievable with a little bit of effort.

Why is influencer marketing important?

As mentioned before, influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell products online because people are more likely to buy from people they know.

Many eCommerce stores start off with a small following on social media, but their client base tends to grow over time if they continue sharing relevant content. Social media influencers can help you reach newer consumers, but it’s also important to create relationships with your loyal consumers.

Once you start connecting with influencers in your niche, you can develop long-term relationships that will last for years.

By marketing to the same people, again and again, you’ll become familiar with them on a personal level while building trust among your consumers.

Types of Influencer marketing

Influencers often use Social media platforms to get their name out there. Below are some Platforms where you can find influencers with your target audience.

1) Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram has over 1.36 Billion users, and an influencer marketing campaign can help you access them, using hashtags to reach out to your targeted audience.

A recent study found that more than 67% of Brands use Instagram for Influencer marketing. However, the platform only has a small amount of competition from other social media sites as it doesn’t have as many ads as Facebook or as much user-generated content as Twitter.

The fact that photos and videos tend to perform better than any other type of content on Instagram shows just how important influencer marketing can be for eCommerce businesses.

Another reason businesses choose Instagram for Influencer Marketing is that Instagram has a most teenage (young) users fan base. So, If your business target audience is teens and early 25s, then you should choose Instagram as a platform for Influencer Marketing.

Before launching your campaign on Instagram, it would be good to have some idea about what influencers can charge. Influencers who have a large following on Instagram usually charge between $200-$3000 per post, depending on the type of influencer; this is a very broad range.

2) Facebook/META Influencer marketing

The most popular social media platform out there with over 2.8 billion active users each month, and brands are using it as a platform to launch an influencer marketing campaign tactically directed towards a specific target audience.

Facebook/META Influencer marketing is usually performed through Facebook ads and sponsored posts. Both of these options give you the ability to choose your audience that will receive the influencer’s post, either by demographics or location.

You can also create an ad with a video or a photo and use an influencer’s fans as a targeted audience for a specific campaign.

As far as pricing goes, Facebook ads are usually cheaper than Instagram or Twitter ads since it’s an open platform. Anyone can participate by placing an ad that drives the price down for this type of marketing.

3) Twitter Influencer Marketing

Twitter has over 330 million active users on its social media platform, so it is very popular with the influencer marketing community.

Twitter allows influencers to easily engage with their followers via direct messaging, which means that they can talk to fans about your brand or product instead of just posting online about it. Just like Facebook, Twitter’s platform is open, and anyone can participate in the conversation by using hashtags relevant to your business.

4) YouTube Influencer Marketing

Everyone knows YouTube since it became a popular video streaming site but did you know that YouTube has over 800 million unique users visiting this site daily; Influencer Marketing campaigns on Youtube can be a great way to reach out to your target audience with the help of YouTube’s content creators.

YouTube videos have been proven to have significantly higher click-through rates than Facebook ads and other social media platforms, so this is definitely a great option for you to consider if you want to launch an Influencer Marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing agencies on YouTube can charge anywhere between $50-$10000 per video depending on the number of subscribers your targeted influencers have and also how popular their videos are.

So, If you’re running a video campaign on Youtube, it’s always better to include multiple creators so that your videos reach a wider audience.

How to contact influencers to promote your product

Influencers are Public figures, so finding them on the internet is not a problem. You can search for them by doing a google search or find them on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

You can reach out to them directly via a message on any Social media platform.

However, YouTube has no option for messages, so you have to email them.

Advantages of Influencers marketing-

1) Influencer marketing is a very cost-effective way of promoting your brand or product. The return on investment for this type of marketing is huge compared to other types of digital advertising, so it’s definitely worth considering.

2) Influencers have the ability to spread your message across their network in an organic way. Their viewers and fans already know them, so it is easier for them to accept what the influencer is saying about your product or brand.

3) They have a great ability to create unique content around your target audience’s content preferences, which results in more engagement and sales.

4) Influencers with large followings can reach out to thousands of potential customers all at once. This is more effective than running an ad on Facebook or Twitter since followers will see what the influencer posts as a natural part of their online experience.

Disadvantages of Influencers marketing

1) Sponsored content may not always be as truthful as actual reviews, and the influencer may tend to overrate your product.

3) You cannot control what the influencer says about your product which means that the endorsements may not always be good.

4) Fraudulent Influencers could be a problem since they can take your money and do nothing in return. According to a report, more than 38% of Businesses Claim that they have experienced this.

5) Not all influencers have the same level of influence over their followers, so it can be difficult to decide whom to contact for your promotion campaign.

Influencer Marketing FAQ

Why influencer marketing works

Influencers have the ability to spread your message across their network in an organic way. Their viewers and fans already know them, so it is easier for them to accept what the influencer is saying about your product or brand.

What is a Brand Influencer

A Brand Influencer is a person who has a significant and relevant following on social media.

What is an Online Influencer

line influencers, also known as social media influencers, are people with significant and relevant followings on Social Media Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook . etc. Online Influencers promote their Brand or Product via a commercial endorsement or by means of product placement in their content.

What are Influencer Organization

An Influencer Organization can be anything from a Social Media group that curates and shares content, to an individual blogger with a loyal following.

What is target influencer marketing

Target influencer marketing is an individual approach to influencer marketing where you can focus your efforts on the most relevant and high-impact influencers.

What are social media influencer ads

Social media influencer ads are sponsored posts or tweets, typically created and distributed by a celebrity or someone who already has a lot of followers.

What does mean by corporate Influencers

Often, Corporate Influencers are CEOs or Founders of companies that have large followings on social media.

Is there any difference between sponsored posts and endorsements in Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

No, there is no difference between sponsored posts and endorsements in Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


Influencer marketing campaigns can be a great way to reach out and connect with your target audience on social media.

You should always make sure you’re working with influencers who have the right amount of followers for your product or service, as well as those who are engaging and active online.

Keep in mind that Influencer marketing has advantages and disadvantages, so you might not get the desired result. We hope you got some insight on the benefits of Influencers marketing and as well on its limitations.

If You have any Queries or thoughts to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

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