Tips for Writing a Nice Proposal (Sample Included): How to Get Hired on Upwork?

Tips for Writing a Nice Proposal (Sample Included): How to Get Hired on Upwork?

Freelancing is on the rise after COVID-19. People have been laid off from their full-time jobs and those who have recently graduated college or universities are finding it hard to get a job. In such circumstances, freelancing is a fantastic method to offer numerous services on different freelance marketplaces and generate money. Upwork and Fiverr are excellent places to find work if you’re looking for a second income or want to replace a full-time job, but first you have to be hired. There are many factors that job posters consider when deciding which applicant they want to hire, the only way to get hired is writing effective Proposal.

Let’s get started.

How to write a winning Proposal

Writing a proposal is simple, if you know how to arrange things. Here’s the precise structure I use for all of my proposals. After submitting hundreds and hundreds of losers and several winners, I’ve refined this in 7 parts.

While writing a Good proposal keeps in mind not to start with “I can do that or something like that” which many of you and even I did when I started. I must say avoid this mistake. 


Always start with 


For Example, Hello Jack,

  • After Greeting, restate the client’ project and try to explain that you understand what he/she need. 

For Example,

I understand you’re searching for a minimalist Luxury logo design. I also realize that you have an in-house graphic designer, so you want the best quality logo design from your chosen freelancer.

  • After restating the client’s requirements, introduce yourself and how you can help me achieve his goal.

For example,

I have been creating creative designs for US and UK companies since 2016, and I own a small designing Agency. My service and dedication to my clients is clearly demonstrated by my profile on (marketplace website name).


  • After introducing yourself now convince the client what and how you can do.

For example 

I can create a stunning, distinctive minimalist luxury logo design in three business days. I provide limitless adjustments, so you may rest confident that you will get all source code that is editable and printable. I’ll also provide unlimited revisions to the logo until you are completely satisfied.

  • Now, you have explained that you can do that but only by words so the next thing you have to do is give the link to your portfolio and tell him/her.


You can view my diversified portfolio at (Link) if you like.


  • After giving the Portfolio link now, the next step is to offer additional services and ask him/her whether he/she is interested?

For example

I’d want to offer you a FREE mockup design of your logo so you can see how well I can design. Are you interested in that?

I’d like to ask you a question. What are your color preferences for the logo?

  • After writing all now the next step is to write closing words.

For example

I am looking forward to your response and intend to do business with you.

This is how you can write an effective Upwork proposal and even if you are offering services on different marketplaces such as on Fiverr and Freealancer you can apply these techniques to write an effective proposal and win a job for yourself or agency.

Mistakes to Avoid 


The first step is to stop if you’re doing it. They don’t work. The majority of the proposals I’ve received as a customer were copy-and-paste, templates. These are easy to spot a mile away. If you’re doing this, please stop right now.

I understand the mentality that copying and pasting a standard proposal is more time efficient, but it’s also considerably less effective. You’ll have a lot more luck if you create a succinct but very relevant and detailed proposal instead of a lengthy, generic one.

So, always avoid copy paste and write short but unique proposal if you really want to get hired.


Don’t Rush for Applying! 

When the competition is this high, most freelancers believe that if they apply quicker, they will be able to obtain a job offer faster. Especially with Upwork. However, this isn’t always the case. When a freelancer rushes to get a task, they are more likely to make minor errors in their cover letter.

That is why I always advise freelancers not to rush and instead spend time going over each aspect of their application to ensure that it is submitted correctly. It’s essential for freelancers to go through the client’s job description carefully before proceeding

Never Late respond to a Client’s Message

Let me to clarify things for you if you’re a new freelancer.

An interview is when a client reads your cover letter and replies with an offer of employment. If you do not react immediately to that client’s interview call, and it goes on for several hours before you respond, you will most certainly lose your chance of obtaining the position.

It’s because if the customer requires the work done right away, he will not wait for you. He’ll simply skip you and go to someone else who responded promptly. As a result, it’s critical to respond quickly when applying for work on Upwork, Fiverr or even any marketplace.

Never write short answers if client ask additional question!

One thing to bear in mind is that clients will see your responses to additional questions first, then your cover letter. As a result of this, if you provide an outstanding response to the extra question, it might improve your chances of obtaining an employment offer.

If your customer asks, “Do you have any ideas on how to make this project go well?” your response should not be simply, “Yes, I do.”

Make it clear exactly what your ideas are. 



It’s not easy to find freelance jobs, but this article will help you get started. This has been a guide for freelancers on how they can successfully market themselves to clients and increase their chance of landing more gigs in the future.

Remember that these tips are applicable whether you have tons of experience or none at all; it just depends on what kind of job you want!

Hopefully after reading through these guidelines, you feel confident enough to start applying them in your own business ventures with confidence. We wish success for everyone trying to make a living as a freelancer!

Do you have any advice or questions about your own experience? Let us know below in the comment.


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