What is Offshored Outsourcing and Why you should care? 

Offshored Outsourcing

The worldwide outsourcing industry has grown to be a multi-billion dollar market. The benefits of Offshored Outsourcing are well documented, but you may not know the downside yet. The risks of offshoring could be more than just financial losses for your company. As companies outsource their work to other countries, they are often faced with … Read more

What is eCommerce operations? Ways To Improve

eCommerce Operations

E-commerce operations are the managerial functions that ensure an online business is operating efficiently. These include inventory management, logistics, and customer service. If you’re a retailer who sells through the web or mobile devices, it’s essential to have an e-commerce operations management board or manager in your team. An eCommerce Operations Administrator will help maintain … Read more

What is Virtual marketing? Ultimate Guide

Virtual marketing

Virtual marketing is an umbrella term concept for any type of marketing that can be done online. Virtual Marketing is not limited to computer-based activity. Still, it also includes any form of advertising which takes place over the Internet, such as email marketing and social media marketing. Due to the advancement of technology and new … Read more

What is ACoS Amazon? and it’s Importance

Amazon AcoS

The world of marketing is constantly changing. One year, you’re doing it one way, and the next, everything changes. If you want to stay ahead of the game, having a firm understanding of what acronyms like ACoS mean can be crucial to your success.  What does ACoS stand for? ACoS stands for Amazon Cost-of-Sales (or Advertising). … Read more

How to Create a B2B SaaS Marketing Plan step-by-step Guide

B2B SaaS Marketing Plan

You might be thinking, “I already have a marketing strategy!” ” But What should I know about creating a successful B2B SaaS Marketing Plan? What are the most important steps to follow? What am I supposed to concentrate on? What are some of the strategies that other businesses have used for success?” These are all … Read more

How to target business owners on Facebook?

How to target business owners on Facebook

Facebook is a huge social media platform. The site has more than 2.91 billion monthly active users and over 90 million small business accounts. To advertise your company via social media, you must understand how to reach the appropriate individuals. Targeting company owners on Facebook is one of the easiest methods to achieve desired results. … Read more